Fire Protection

Fire Protection alarms can be monitored 24/7, dispatching emergency personnel without delay

When is a good time for monitored fire protection?

When you think about fire protection, think about the memories. All our memories are made stronger by the things we can touch. A lock of hair, a bundle of letters and even old photos stored away in a shoebox are the irreplaceable treasures of our lives.

Family memories

A good time for monitored protection is now. 

Force Security is one of the few ULC-S561 Approved Security Companies in the Niagara Region. We have over 30 years experience. And are a proud Canadian Family owned Company. Your fire protection can be so much better than a battery operated smoke detector. Without going into all the technology, even if it does go off can your pet dial 911? Never worry about dead batteries again. And never worry about a smoldering fire that can choke you unconscious while the batteries on your detector run themselves low.

Fire Protection

Fire monitoring is an important aspect of any security system, and Force Security is one of the leading providers of fire monitoring services. Fire monitoring is the process of detecting and responding to a fire before it causes serious damage or injury. Fire monitoring systems can detect smoke, heat, and other signs of a fire, and then alert the appropriate personnel who can respond and take action.

When it comes to fire safety, prevention is key. Fire monitoring systems are designed to detect and respond to fires before they become a major threat. By detecting fires early, fire monitoring systems can help minimize the potential damage of a fire. The earlier a fire is detected, the more time responders have to evacuate people and prevent further damage.

For business owners, fire monitoring is especially important. Not only can a fire cause serious damage and injury, but the resulting downtime and repairs can be extremely costly. Fire monitoring systems can help companies reduce the risk of a fire, and protect their assets and employees.

Force Security is a leader in fire monitoring systems. They offer a variety of products and services, including fire alarm systems, smoke detectors, and fire suppression systems. Their products are designed to be reliable and easy to use, and they provide 24-hour monitoring and support.


Monitored Smoke Detector

   Fire protection measures have three main goals:
  1. The first and most important one is to ensure life safety and to prevent fire from causing any human and pet casualties. Fire protection mechanisms aim to address and to prevent the negative effects of fires. Fire protection refers to systems that are installed in most modern structures, and that fully comply with the building codes and the fire codes that apply in your area.
  2. The second goal is to protect the properties from fire damage (and this often involves an insurance) and the final goal is ensuring continuous business operations.
  3. Third is reducing the risk of loss of items that may have little or no monetary value but are photos and memories. Monitored fire protection brings peace of mind to you and your family.

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