Home Security Systems

Professionally installed security alarm systems for business and homes, monitored 24/7/365

When is a good time to get an alarm system?

The last thing Force Security wants is for your family to come home and have to confront a burglar. Now is the time to contact Force Security.

Are the insurance savings for an alarm system too big to ignore? Now is the time to contact Force Security, a trusted home security  company.

Have you had some work done? Get an alarm when you get new doors and locks.

Have you had a recent break in? Now is still a good time for a burglar monitoring security system. Many intruders come back as they are now familiar with your home and what possessions you have, they may even come back after you have replaced stolen items.

Are you a tenant and you are not sure if your home is safe from illegal entry?
A video surveillance system is less costly than you think.

Was there a break in at the local plaza and your neighbours are all concerned? You can secure your perimeter with Force Security.

Need a battery replacement? Any new customer that switches to Force Security receives a free back up battery, just for switching. That’s a $ 100 – $300 dollar savings and a great reason to call right now.

Force Security accepts major credit cards.

Home security monitoring from Force Security, right here in Niagara.

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